For many years Missal Objekt Licht has been an innovative and reliable partner of maritime planners and dockyards.

Whether it’s about small luxury boats, large yachts or gigantic cruise ships – with illumination from Missal the light-stage is set perfectly and reliably for every project concerning the indoor area, the cabins, hallways and public areas of ships.

We invite you to take a look around in the world of Missal Objekt Licht and to discover great light in great places. Of course, size, as we all know, isn’t everything, but there is an appeal to vast, imaginative illumination that can hardly be denied by any viewer. For us as producers this development is a welcome challenge to achieve greatness!

Do you have great plans, too? Talk to us because light creates atmosphere – we create light.

The Essential Matter to the Passengers

On the high seas, the furnishing of the cabins is an essential matter to the passengers.

Proved construction and well-balanced light-design, make life on board an unforgettable experience.

Ceiling light “Rose”

Ceiling light “Rose” with clear and blue crystals
1200 mm diameter, 900 mm height
Light Source 18 x G9 40W 230V 60Hz

Ceiling light “Hull”

Ceiling light “Hull” with clear crystals on composition Gold surface.
1720 mm long, 500 mm wide, 190 mm depth
Light source 6 x G9 40W 230V 60Hz