Marine LED Lighting

Marine LED Lights Solutions for Cruise Ship and Hotels

Multi Sales & Products supply Marine LED Lights Solutions for Cruise vessels.

MSP can provide New LED Lighting installation Adapting, Customizing and Replacing any existing lighting features, by LED Lighting New Generation Technology.

We supply LED Lighting products directly from Our Partner Manufacturers located in Europe and the USA. Installation is done by contractors.

Headquartered in Miami, and with a warehouse in Nantes (France) we ship worldwide through a network of freight forwarders on all continents.

Ialux LED products can be Customized/Adapted to any Existing Lighting Installation

IaluxLogo is the Italian Lighting Company based in Milan, specialized in LED’s latest generation Lighting Technology for the naval and land industry.

The high-tech luminaires allow to save up to 80% energy in comparison with traditional lighting sources, thanks to the intelligent use of LEDs of latest generation.

All the products are made with high quality parts, ENEC tested and certified, in conformity with current standards, and in accordance with nautical certifications.

MSP is the Exclusive IALUX distributor in the USA and Provides LED Lighting solutions straight from the Manufacturer overcoming the intermediaries. Installation will be made by contractors.

IALUX Lighting Refitting Projects

For more Informations about Lighting refitting, Please Fill the form below to contact Us, We Will take care of your requests and orders.

For many years Missal Objekt Licht has been an innovative and reliable partner of maritime planners and dockyards.

Whether it’s about small luxury boats, large yachts or gigantic cruise ships – with illumination from Missal the light-stage is set perfectly and reliably for every project concerning the indoor area, the cabins, hallways and public areas of ships.


We supply luminaires for a variety of applications, from the guest cabins to the public areas.

Most of the Ligting Fixtures we offer are custom made to fit our clients requirements.

All our Luminaires are made in Europe and they comply with the most rigorous Marine regulations.

We ship worldwide through a network of freight forwarders on all continents.